Seith Laborde

Kennel technicians

Meet our kennel technician, Seith Laborde. Seith joined the Animal Medical Center team in fall of 2022 and has quickly become our “jack of all trades.” His kind demeanor and gentle hand have won the trust of our boarders, both large and small. His primary responsibilities include keeping an eye on all things in the kennels, from cleaning and feeding to recognizing when something or “someone” is just not quite right. He is always offering a helping hand with any task and has become an integral and appreciated part of our team. Seith is also our in-house artist and his work is often found on the chalkboard of Room 3 for all to enjoy and is usually season specific! Seith has 2 canine companions, Jacks and Bowser. In his spare time, he enjoys cosplay and has created numerous impressive props and costumes.