Tiffany Pierce

Veterinary Technician

Meet our technician, Tiffany Pierce. Tiffany has known for quite a while that she wanted to work in veterinary medicine, but was torn between choosing a path between doctor or technician. She’s been in the veterinary field for nearly 8 years and has successfully held almost every position in a hospital, including management roles. Tiffany enjoys caring for our ICU and critical care patients as well as assisting in surgery. In helping provide for our most unwell patients, she finds the biggest reward is being able to send them back home to their families. Having decided on the veterinary technician career path, Tiffany is currently enrolled in school to become a registered veterinary technician. She is a warm lap and happy home to her 8 year old cat, Leia, and 5 year old dog, Levi. When she isn’t working or studying, you can usually find her playing outside with Levi.